The Barber's Lounge

Home of the Hot Towel Shave in Midland, TX

Barbering EXPERTS

Licensed 🗹

This barber shop consists of only licensed professions to guarantee hygiene and the accuracy of each cut.

Experienced 🗹

Have a bald spot? Scar on your head? Our licensed barbers can make the haircut work for you.

Excellence 🗹

Relax and enjoy a traditional hot towel shave with steamed towels, a massage, and a clean, razor shave.

Get the shave of your LIFE

Welcome to the Barber's Lounge, home of the TRADITIONAL hot towel shave! This amazing service begins by prepping the skin. A complete facial massage will be performed as a steamed hot towel is placed over the face allowing the pores to open for a cleaner and easier shave as well as to relax the client while he is being serviced. If you have a full beard, you can go for the complete clean shave or have it sculpted and groomed to the desired look.